The Perfect Romantic Meal at Nawaab

August 27, 2013

With the elegant surroundings and the varied menu to excite every taste bud; Nawaab is the perfect place to entertain your loved one on a romantic night out. As both an Indian Restaurant and an Asian Wedding Hall it provides both the romantic setting and the delicious, comprehensive menu to make it a night to remember. Here is a guide to choosing the Indian Cuisine to ensure a magical night and really treat your partner.

Mixed Starter

Start the evening informally with a choice of different starters that you and your partner can share. Sensually break apart these delicacies and help each other to them. The two halves of one starter subconsciously represent your partnership as two halves of one entity in both of your minds. The varied flavours compliment each other and whet your appetites for the rest of the meal. Sharp tingling tastes of Meat Samosas sit opposite the warm, enveloping sensation of an Onion Pakora. This starter is particularly ideal for a date early in the relationship; it allows both parties to learn about the others tastes and fancies. The informality of the starter immediately puts both parties at ease.

Chicken Balti (On the Bone)

The act of tearing the chicken from the bone with a fork is almost primitive and primordial. This act of masculinity is effortlessly impressive and rewarding. The succulent tenderness of the meat closest to the bone ensures that this dish simply melts in your mouth. With a soft spice, the full flavour is allowed to take over creating a taste sensation.

Handi Lamb

The effect of the Chicken Balti is furthered by eating it alongside another meat based dish that is not on the bone. The Haandi Lamb is the perfect accompaniment due to its soft sensual taste. More tomato based that the Balti, the Handi Lamb’s taste offsets it perfectly.

Peshwari Naan

There is nothing more sensual during a meal than using your hands to help each other eat. The delicate manner in which the Naan effortlessly tears apart for you to share is almost artistic in its beauty. Perfect for sharing with one another, the breaking of bread is symbolic as a communion. The almost perfumed tones are mesmeric.