Indian Infused Winter Warmers

December 5, 2013

We are coming to the time of year where mornings begin with the obligatory ice-scraping session from the windows of our cars and end with the quick, cold dash from the shower to the bed. So it stands to reason that we will be looking for a little extra help to warm us up and keep the cold bite at bay – here are a few ideas to combine a love of Indian food with the battle against the colder climes.

Breakfast – Chappati Porridge

An Indian twist on the winter morning warmer staple for hundreds of years, this dish replaces the traditional oats with chappatis. This breakfast works equally as well with leftover chappatis from a meal the night before. Bake the chappatis until hard and then break into a mixer and grind until a fine powder.

Mix with milk, sugar, honey, cardamom powder and mix well. If it is too thick, add extra milk and then add any fruits that you desire. Warm in the microwave to keep yourself warm.

Lunch – Spiced Veg Bowl

There is something inherently comforting and warming about eating from a bowl rather than from a plate. It may be because traditional warming foods such as soup and stew are usually served in bowls. Creates your favourite spiced stock and add any leftover vegetables that you have in your fridge or pantry. Any veg can go into this broth, making it unique every time. Add a large quantity of veg so a lot of the stock is absorbed and infused throughout, making a thick and chunky meal.

Use a warm roti or chunk of bread as cutlery to enjoy this meal and soak up every last drop of the Spiced veg mixture.

Snack – Indian Butter Biscuits with Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is the ultimate winter warmer – decadent, luxurious and instantly warming. Dip some simple Indian butter biscuits in the hot chocolate for extra warmth, comfort and enjoyment. These can be bought at the store making it a quick and simple snack alongside instant hot chocolate.

Dinner – Eat with Friends

It’s not just spices and hot food that keeps us warm in the winter time, it is the love and friendship that we share with those close to us. Invite your loved ones to your home or to join you at your favourite Indian restaurant and keep one another in the warmest of spirits with jokes and tales of the good times. This will help warm you soul as well as your body.