Five Fantastic Indian Soups for Winter

January 27, 2014

The UK’s winter so far has been nothing if not eventful, with storms, heavy winds and even periods of snow hitting the country hard. A time honoured way to improve the groggy outlook at this time of year is with a rich, warming, wholesome soup. Here are a few Indian soups that are perfect for the winter as they are warming in more way than one.

Ahar Aur Tamatar Ka Shorba

Similar to the staple British soup – Mulligatawny; Ahar Aur Tamatar Ka Shorba has a masala base which sits underneath a rich spicy, tomato body. If you have previously made a masala for another meal, this can easily be adapted into Ahar Aur Tamatar Ka Shorba. One of the benefits of this soup is that it is high in folic acid which is helpful for keep your system clean and the variety of spices, herbs, fruit and vegetables means that it is nutritious, warming and filling.

Penang Laksa

Rich in coconut milk and Kashmiri red chillies; Penang Laksa is particularly popular throughout India and Vietnam. The coconut milk gives the soup a soft, luxurious taste whilst the chillies add the subtle spice.

Almond Soup

Considered to be a super food, almonds have an incredible array of health benefits and an incredibly high nutritional value – perfect for those still observing the New Year diet. Almond soup is brilliantly simple and quick to make. It could soon become something of a speciality dish as it is seldom found in Indian restaurants and can be made as spicy or as mild as you desire.

Bombay Curry Soup

Bombay curry soup can be considered the ultimate winter warmer. The soup is made up of a wide selection of super foods such as lentils, onions and tomatoes and can be made as spicy as you need it to be to warm up your cockles on a cold eve.


Chawli is the thick, traditional broth that brings with it a spicy and uncompromising punch. This soup is best eaten after a long walk home from warm when you need something to warm your very core. It is jam-packed full of potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower and French beans to the extent that it could almost be considered a thick stew. This soup can help your loved ones get all of their recommended 5 fruit and vegetables a day in one simple sitting. Very little technique is needed to make Chawli – it is a simple case of chucking all of the ingredients in a pot and letting it simmer.