Nawaab Opens its Doors to Specialist Support School

March 21, 2014

Nawaab Manchester was delighted to host a meal for The Birches earlier this week.

The Birches is a specialist support school based in Didsbury, that provides full time education for primary school-age children with a variety of specialist support needs. The school provides exceptional care and support for children who would not benefit from attending mainstream schools.

Nawaab opened the doors half an hour early to greet the guests and ensure that they had a fun and peaceful time. All of the attending students and staff were treated to a free meal courtesy of Nawaab’s team of chefs.

There was barely a scrap left when the kids were finished, having obviously enjoyed their meals immensely. It was hard to pry some of the children away when it came to home time.

Furthermore, Nawaab Manchester hopes that this will encourage other local businesses to involve themselves more in helping out other members of the community. As a central figure of the South Manchester community, we consider ourselves to be standard-bearers for other companies to follow.


As well as the complimentary meals that were being provided, entertainment for the children was organised. Balloon modelling expert, Ballooniversal, treat the children to a wide range of different funa and exciting balloon models including octopuses, monkey hats and many more.

Nawaab hopes that this will be the start of a long-term relationship with The Birches, who are providing an exceptional service for children who desperately need it. The work is incredibly admirable and something that Nawaab believes should be celebrated and awarded.

This is not the first time that Nawaab has acted to help a charitable and humanitarian endeavour having previously worked tirelessly to help those who suffered as a result of the devastating Syrian flooding. Additionally, Nawaab Manchester offered its support to Kendal’s Appeal last year.

Everyone at Nawaab thoroughly enjoyed the event and hopes to meet with the students and staff from The Birches again in the future.

For more information about The Birches School and the good work that they do – please visit