Indian Food is Delicious: That’s a Fact

July 1, 2015

Scientists have discovered why Indian food is delicious. We already knew this fact but now there is scientific evidence to explain why Indian food is so tasty.

The report ‘Spices form the basis of food pairing in Indian cuisine,’ details a research study examining Indian food on a molecular level. The researchers behind the study are from the Indian Institute for Technology in Delhi.

They analysed over 2000 traditional Indian recipes to answer the constant question: why is Indian food delicious?

The researchers investigated the molecules of the different recipes in their cases. From their findings they claim the contradicting compounds are responsible for making a tasty dish.

The study claims: “Indian cuisine is characterised with strong negative food pairing.”

They believe the many different spices used in Indian food are purposefully added to create flavour rich meals. On a molecular level, these ingredients conflict with each other so when you eat an Indian curry you can taste each of the flavours.

Conclusions from food studies in North America and Europe reveal complementary ingredients create tasty meals but researchers claim in Asia this is a different story. Dishes with conflicting ingredients create more delicious meals as the negative food pairing make the dishes more distinct.

From their investigation, the researchers determined each individual spice plays an independent role in Indian food. There are no overlapping flavours in Indian food instead there are individual flavours that stand out.

The researchers’ findings reveal Asian cuisine has a different molecular setup compared to other foods in the world.

At Royal Nawaab we already know Indian food is delicious. Our customers keep coming back to eat at our restaurant in Manchester because we use traditional recipes to create authentic dishes.

Chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka Masala and many other Indian meals are delicious and now we know the scientific reason behind it.