Top Favourite Asian Wedding Desserts

August 5, 2015

Asian weddings are known for being extravagant, vibrant in colour and a lively festive occasion. They are a brilliant opportunity to bring families together in celebration and showcase amazingly mouth-watering food.

Indian foods are never short on satisfying guests’ sweet tooth at weddings with their popular delicious dessert dishes. At an Asian wedding, sweet desserts are the favourite course of the evening!

At Royal Nawaab Manchester we include a great selection of Indian sweets on our dessert table because we understand our guests love to try different desserts.

Here are our top favourite Asian Wedding Desserts:


Laddoo or Laddu is a popular traditional Indian sweet made for family occasions as well as religious occasions, but more importantly it’s a wedding favourite. Whether it is besan or boondi, the ability to make this dessert in bulk makes it a perfect wedding treat for guests.


Barfi is another traditional dish served at family and religious occasions. This savoury dessert is a truly delicious treat as well as a bride and groom’s favourite. With several different types and ingredients to choose from there are many variations of Barfi to be made which can satisfy your guests’ taste buds. Coconut or chocolate are just a couple of delicious flavours you can add to your Barfi.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a favourite dessert at Royal Nawaab and is a favourite at Asian weddings. It’s a delightful syrup and doughy ball match made from heaven. They are perfect for weddings because they are a popular sweet and it’s easy to make many of them so your guests will have plenty to eat.


Popular in Pakistan and India, Jalebi is a favourite sweet dish to be served at special occasions and is a great sugary option for weddings as it tastes delicious both hot and cold. Jalebi is made of fried batter and soaked in syrup so this rich dessert is reserved specially for festive occasions otherwise you might find your clothes getting a bit tight.

At Royal Nawaab Manchester we know how to provide perfect traditional Indian food as well as sweet desserts. Every year we host many Asian weddings in our banqueting suites, the Ottoman Suite and Persian Suite. As always it’s important to have a grand selection of desserts for your guests so make sure to include some of our personal favourites at your event.