Benefits of onions in Indian Food

October 12, 2015

Onions are a crucial ingredient in Indian cuisine, but unfortunately the price of onions has risen so much that they they are being used less and less in stable Indian food. This is a huge disappointment to many but fortunately in the UK onions are still plentiful and reasonable priced.

The humble onion have been an important ingredient in our diets for years and it is near impossible to imagine not including onions in at least one meal a week. This is no different for Indian food with almost every meal including the versatile vegetable .

Onions are used in several Indian dishes and have been a favourite addition to meals and snacks. It has been a crucial ingredient for Indian food for years.

It has been used as a thickening agent for gravy and has been used in most curries such as Bhuna. Onions have also been used as thin paste and can also be chopped into cubes as well as sliced to be put into dishes such as Kachumbers and Pakoras.

Apart from onions being delicious, they also have excellent health benefits. Onions are extremely good for your body, mineral components are found in onions such as potassium which relieves people from strokes, blood pressure,  anxiety and stress. Other mineral components such as sodium and calcium can also be found in onions.

Onions can also help to fight off most cancers, whilst also reducing the risk of diabetes, they also can fight off bacteria that causes most infections.

The use of onions in food can also reduce LDL (low-density lipoprotein), sometimes referred to as “bad cholesterol” in the blood which helps to dissolve blood clots.

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