Something a Little Different

September 1, 2016

Everyone loves to dine out. It’s lovely to meet up with friends or family, head out to a restaurant and enjoy each other’s company. It’s great to have the food you choose brought out to your table instead of cooking yourself, and it’s fun to try new tastes and flavours especially when you share the experience with loved ones. That’s why we take the utmost pride and care in every item of fresh food we prepare and serve in our restaurants. We know that when you’re spending time with friends and family it can be a rare occurrence due to busy work schedules and other commitments in life, so we want the time you spend in our restaurants to be a memorable one.

We are proud to be a little different here at Nawaab. We know that restaurants are ten a penny so we make sure we stand out from the crowd. You’ve never experienced anything like us here at Nawaab before. We can cater for a thousand people each night and from the minute they step inside our iconic building we make sure our diners are treated like family. From our stunning décor, our vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, our freshly and carefully prepared food, the decadence in the air and the luxury service we bestow upon every single diner in our restaurants ensures that your evening with us will be undoubtedly unrivalled. Influenced by India and Pakistan our food is like no other and there is something on the menu for the entire family, children included.

We strive to leave our diners with wonderful memories, making them long for another experience with us. We enjoy meeting new people and welcome our diners with open arms, new and returning diners alike. We feel privileged that our customers choose us when they want a dining experience like no other to share with their loved ones, and we take pleasure in providing elegant and high class service. When you require exquisiteness and excellence, Nawaab is most certainly without a doubt the place to visit.