Diwali Festival 2016

October 10, 2016

It’s almost that time of year again, as the Diwali Festival is coming to London on Sunday 16th October 2016. The festivities will take place on Trafalgar Square, as thousands of people come together to celebrate the Hindu, Sikh and Jain Festival of Lights.

Diwali is celebrated exuberantly throughout the world, and it traditionally symbolises love, joy, reflection and forgiveness, as well as representing the victory of good over evil. People from all cultures are welcome to celebrate the festival, which takes place between the hours of 1pm to 7pm, as the streets will once again come alive with the sounds of music and the buzz of excited activity.

It’s important to note that Diwali is always timed to coincide with the new moon in October or November, and so the date varies ever year. This year it looks set to be celebrated around 30th October, but the festival in Trafalgar Square definitely takes place on 16th October.

This year the festival boasts a well and truly packed schedule, with dancing events ranging from Ganesh Dance to Nepalese Folk Dance, and it looks set to be a day out to remember for all the family. There is also going to be a food marquee, saree marquee and a professional performance of Ras Garba- which promises to invite members of the audience to join in with the celebrations.

There are many more activities going on at the Diwali Festival, and we just hope that the sun keeps shining so that visitors can really enjoy the day!

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