Why Do We All Eat More In Winter?

December 6, 2016

Along with the Coca-Cola Christmas advert, an abundance of mince pies and the resurgence of Michael Buble- this time of year brings the inevitable certainty that we’re all going to be eating a lot more than usual. It’s almost as if something has been put in the air or the water because, as soon as the weather turns a little damper and chillier, we are all accosted by an absolutely ravenous hunger.

At this time of year, it simply doesn’t matter whether we fill our faces with chocolate, cake or chips, as nothing seems to vanquish the hunger once and for all. But why? What makes us all so hungry in winter? Well, we’re here at Nawaab to tell you why your stomach might have been rumbling so much recently.

  • We’re Celebrating!

Obviously, this time of year brings Christmas and New Year right along with it, meaning that many people have cause to celebrate. With all of the pretty lights, happy songs and all-round merriment, it’s possible that our insatiable appetites are due to a sub-conscious reaction to the surrounding celebrations. It’s this time of year when we are encouraged to relax and have a good time- and having plenty to eat is as good a way of celebrating as any!

  • We’re Feeling Down

Along with the constant merriment, this time of year unfortunately brings a severe decline in the weather. We are suddenly accosted by slanting rains and blustery winds, and it can all get a little too much for some people. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a sort of seasonal depression , meaning that sufferers have to deal with increased anxiety and low motivation once the weather turns darker. Well, it’s no secret that eating a lot is a great way of cheering ourselves up, and so it’s possible that your appetite is a slight reaction to the bad weather.

  • It’s Traditional!

In all unlikelihood, we are all so hungry at this time of year because it’s always been that way. With all of the celebrations and the need to stay warm against the cold, the vast majority of us have always eaten a lot during winter. This means that we’ll automatically associate the sounds and smells of winter with eating lots of food, and so even a single snowflake could have the power to make our bellies growl!

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