How To Enjoy London In January 2017

January 20, 2017

It’s no secret that London is one of the most remarkable cities in the world, and here at Nawaab we really do feel fortunate to be a part of such a vibrant culture. The city is always alive with the buzz of activity, and it’s no wonder why it’s so popular with tourists and holidaymakers. As for the locals, this means you need to make the most of living in such a busy area, and get out there to enjoy the countless restaurants, bars and events on offer.

The only problem is that, at this time of year, the weather is bound to take a turn for the worse and you’ll probably want to do nothing other than curl up in front of the television. But you shouldn’t let a bit of rain and drizzle put you off from getting outdoors, as January is always a busy period throughout London.

But where should you go? Well, fortunately we’re here at Nawaab to run you through the best things to do this month…

  • Cinema

It may sound obvious, however this is undoubtedly the best time of year to head on over to the local cinema and catch a film. Not only will this provide you with shelter from the wet weather, but it will also give you the opportunity to view some incredible critically-acclaimed films. January is Oscar-season, meaning that many films that are up for the big awards will be released at this time of year- Martin Scorsese’s Silence and the marvellous La La Land look like the big films this year.

  • David Bowie Walking Tour

It’s hard to believe that it’s been an entire 12 months since the passing of the iconic David Bowie, and London is honouring the Brixton-born legend with a series of walking tours. These tours will showcase Bowie’s London roots and some landmark locations that were pivotal to the success of his career. Tickets need to be booked in advance, so you’ll need to be quick before they all sell out!

  • Royal Nawaab

If you’re feeling a little down in the dumps now that the holiday season has ended for another year, then what better way is there to cheer yourself up than enjoying a delicious Indian buffet? With a range of spicy and tasty dishes at your fingertips, we guarantee that we’ll provide you with a meal to really spice up your January!

Here at Nawaab, we are the best Indian restaurant London has to offer, and please get in touch if you’d like any further info on our menu’s!