The Advantages of Indian Spices

January 31, 2017

India is very well-known for its traditionally spicy cuisine and dishes which are full of complex flavour and taste, yet the health benefits of these particular herbs and spices are rather unknown. Here at Nawaab, we’re going to go over the advantages of some of the top Indian spices around…

Bay Leaves – It is said that these leaves contain parthenolides, a compound which has been proven to treat migraines. This is likely why it is traditionally used as a natural remedy for such a condition.

Caraway Seeds – Considered to hold anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, caraway can be used as a relief from problems such as the common cold or toothaches. This spice is also said to help aid digestion.

Cinnamon – Rich in antioxidants, this well-known spice eases digestion and is said to even be helpful in reducing blood sugar and cholesterol. More research is needed into this theory- however experts claim that cinnamon could also be considered helpful during weightless.

Cumin – When used a traditional herbal remedy, this spice can help relieve morning sickness or even help the body remove excess water. Who knew a spice had such unique properties!

Fennel Seeds – These seeds are filled with very powerful antioxidants and also contain important necessities such as fibre, folate and vitamin C. These are believed the help boost your immune system and help reduce high blood pressure. The seeds are also said to contain a compound which can help relieve cramping, in particular muscle cramping and abdominal cramping.

Here at Nawaab, our love of spices is thrown into our dishes in abundance! That’s why we are the best Indian restaurant Manchester has to offer! Get in contact today to find out more information!