Why Indian curry can be beneficial to your health

May 5, 2017

Indian food is usually criticised for being unhealthy and seen as a greasy heavy dish, however what people don’t realise that there are serious health benefits of eating Indian curry. With plenty of authentic herbs and spices, it creates a delicious exciting blend but contains lots of nutrition that can benefit your health.

Red Chillies

Red chillies are regularly used throughout Indian curries, they add heat to the dish but also have amazing health benefits to the body. Red chilli peppers have a chemical compound in them that is an anti-bacterial, and anti-diabetic qualities. Red chillies are very common in Indian culture and are used throughout most spicy curries, they are very beneficial for your health and have barely any calories.


Lentils are packed with nutrients, and are a vital part of the legume family. Lentils are full of protein and have amino acids in that help repair and mend body fibres inside the body, with lentils they also include isoleucine which helps increase endurance. Lentils also have fibres and minerals in such as iron. Lentils are added into Indian curry for nutrients, and overall benefit the dish.


Chapatti are an important essential to any curry dish, they accompany the curry. Roti is a form of carbohydrate, and includes soybean, black gram and bran. Roti can benefit your health through bran being high in fibre, and Roti’s are full of carbohydrates meaning that they are an excellent source of energy.


Paneer is a fresh cheese common in South Africa, and used especially in Indian cuisines. The fat content in paneer depends on whether cream or milk is used, to lower the fat content then go for a toned milk. Paneer is full of body calcium and protein, therefore helps the building of strong teeth and bones. Paneer is very easy to digest, and has been known to reduce osteoporosis and has been known to promote weight loss.

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