The Beginners Guide to Indian Cuisine

July 12, 2017

Trying new food is always a risky adventure, especially if you have always played it safe when it comes to adventurous flavours. Indian cuisine is an exciting way to test your palate and in this blog, the team here at Royal Nawaab are going to take a look into the type of food that can be found in Indian cuisine. Here is our beginners guide on the topic…


The Indian version of pocket food is the samosa and this portable treat is very popular within South Asia. From baked to fried, they are most commonly found in a triangle shape with a range of different vegetables packed inside. They are generally not as spicy has people think however the heat of samosas can vary.

Chutney and Raita

This is a relish that you can dip a samosa in. In fact, a chutney is a word given to a sauce that has spice, fruit or vegetable included and comes in either red or green. The Indian version of these are like a salsa of some kind. On the other hand, raita is a yogurt sauce that includes a perfect blend of spices and herbs.


A fluffy round bread is perfect and definitely a favourite at the dinner table when it comes to Indian cuisine. It can be dipped into a chutney or used to clean the plate after a korma; enjoy it throughout your meal in a variety of different ways.

Now you know some of the foods that can be found within Indian Cuisine, it’s time to get in contact with a member of the Nawaab team and book in your table today! As the best Indian Restaurant London has to offer, our five star service will certainly impress you!