Pakistani Cooking Methods

October 18, 2017

The cuisine of Pakistan is both varied and flavoursome however it would be nothing without the range of different methods that are adopted in order to create such rich and spicy dishes. Here at Royal Nawaab, we offer a range of exciting Pakistani dishes that a certain to enlighten your taste buds and in this blog we’re going to go over the most important Pakistani cooking procedures that are used in order to create them…


As a vital part of Pakistani cuisine, the Bhunai technique is used in order to cook many meat and vegetable dishes. The focus of the cooking method is to remove the excess liquid from the produce which is later enhanced in flavour through another universal technique known as sautéing.


Also known as ‘tempering’ this technique is a common method that occurs in Pakistani cuisine and it involves adding a small amount of oil or ghee to a pan and placing it on a high heat. Alongside this onion, garlic or ginger being added with an exotic array of spices. It is a very quick technique however the process allows the spices to infuse with the dish that is being made, creating an aroma to die for.


When you cook using trapped steam or a low flame in Pakistani cuisine the technique is known as ‘dumm’. Carrying out this method allows the food items to cook in their own juice so that little water is required and thus cannot prevent the spices from fully entering the chosen meat. Plus, dumm steaming is also very good at providing a very tender piece of meat.

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