The Hottest Supermarket Curry

November 13, 2017

Outside of restaurants it can be quite difficult to find a good, convenient, spicy curry. Most supermarket curries are fairly mild. And we understand why; the spice lovers in the UK are definitely a minority.

But for those of us that love a good kick of spice in our curry and want to ignite our taste buds at home, we need a supermarket that can step up and provide something a little different.

They can be hard to find, but some supermarkets have a few hidden gems tucked away. Morrisons recently launched what they claim to be the hottest supermarket curry ever.

Named the ‘Volcanic Vindaloo’, it features the Naga chilli – one of the world’s hottest chillies. With a Scoville rating of up to one million (that’s 200 times hotter than tabasco) some of the Naga chilli varieties are hotter than pepper spray.

This is a curry aimed at the extreme spice lovers who find the majority of supermarket curries to be too tame on the palate. A store bought ready-meal that packs as powerful a punch as any restaurant made vindaloo: Morrisons own vindaloo could be the saviour for lovers of heat and spice and all things nice.

This isn’t just some generic sauce with a bunch of Naga thrown in. Oh no. The supermarket chain worked closely with a group of curry experts to produce a curry that retains a depth of flavour whilst bringing up those spice levels to tongue numbing levels.

Topped with roasted whole green chillies for that final boost of heat intensity, the curry comes with its own packaging warnings, notifying customers of the 5-star chilli rating.

Let’s hope that other supermarkets follow suite and start providing an option for the diehard curry aficionados.

Until then we’ll have to enjoy our spice fix at our local restaurant. Manchester based Royal Nawaab is the perfect place to get your spice fix, with over 30 different curries on offer.