You Have To Try These Pakistani Street Foods

November 16, 2017

For the food tourists out there looking for a new destination, Pakistan should be your next stop. Those who love exploring know that tasting the local delicacies is one of the most important steps to ingratiating into a culture.

The Asian continent is comprised of countries that share a deep relationship with street food. Fine dining restaurants are available, but to understand what the people of a country are like, it’s best to eat what they eat.

Street food is not just food, but years of local heritage. Check out our list of some of the tastiest delicacies you can find when exploring the streets of Pakistan.

Pani Puri

Also known as Gol Gappay, this is an undying favourite amongst young and old alike. The crispy papri cups are filled with boiled chickpeas and dipped in spicy tamarind water.


Less a late-night kebab, more a midday sandwich; this yummy delight originates from Lahore and comes in a range of varieties; anday wala bun kabab (egg), daal bun kabab (lentil) and aloo wala bun kabab (potato). These buns are a Karachi delicacy and the preparation is pure theatre for food lovers.

Bhel Puri

Tangy tamarind sauce brings this puffy rice and vegetable medley to the next level. Served in hearty portions, but with relatively low fat content, you can gorge on this tasty snack without the side of guilt.

Chana Chaat

Another one to make use of the glory of tamarind. Potatoes and chickpeas are drizzled with tamarind sauce and yoghurt to make a fresh tasting must-have for travellers to try.

Dahi Baray

Yoghurt comes together with pakoras to create a gooey and delicious bowl that you will wish you had back home. There are other versions that include chickpeas and potatoes too, if you want a bit more of a carb hit.

French Fries

Although not traditionally Pakistani, this popular snack is insanely popular amongst Pakistani street vendors. After all, you just can’t beat a pile of fried potatoes.

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