What To Expect In A Pakistan Summer

May 29, 2018

Pakistan in summer is famous for the scorching heat from the prolonged heatwaves that hit the country. For some the weather can be all too much, but if you prepare well and put aside that the fact that you’re going to be hot, there are some great things to expect in the heart of a Pakistani summer.

Mango Mania

One of the specialities of Pakistan in summer is the ‘King of Fruit’: the mango. Pakistan exports their mangoes to the whole world they are that delicious. In Pakistan, the fruit is celebrated with mango parties and mango mania that continues through the whole season.


Pakistan’s open-air swimming pools are the perfect place for the whole family to spend the day. What can be better on a hot day than splashing around in cool refreshing water, relaxing and having fun with your close friends and family? Swimming is not only great refreshment, but it is also great for your health and your mood.


To break up the days of permeating heat are the heavy rains. There is something romantic about being outside during a rainstorm; it refreshes the land as well as your senses.

Summer Holidays

Throughout the year children are busy with school and the parents are busy with work and taking care of the children. Summer provides a perfect time when the children are out of school to get the family together for an annual holiday where they can all reconnect. This time is perfect for visiting grandparents and relatives that you don’t get to see often.

The North

The northern areas of Pakistan are perfect places to explore in the summer season. It holds serene landscapes that come to life throughout summer. Nature is the best medicine for the soul and experiencing it with those you love the most can’t be beaten.

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