All You Need To Know About Lamb Paya

July 26, 2018

In many cultures, lamb Paya is considered something of an exotic delicacy. However, when cooked right, it’s a dish that just can’t be beaten for taste.

Royal Nawaab provides diners with an opportunity to experiment and try new things, since our delicious buffet allows you to sample as many dishes as you’d like. Tucked away behind our large array of more popular dishes, we always have a tasty pot of lamb Paya waiting for those that are feeling a little more adventurous.

Although you might be drawn towards our sizzling Madras or creamy Korma, we think you should save a little room to taste one of the more exotic dishes on the menu.

What Exactly Is Paya?

The fact that “Paya” literally translates as “feet” should be your first clue here.

Paya curry, is traditionally made with goat, cow or lamb trotters, and is a flavoursome stew-like dish which is eaten for breakfast in Pakistan. Allowed to soak in herbs and spices, the meat is always packed with flavour and juices, and it’s become one of the most popular dishes across South Asia.

Where Did Paya Come From?

Paya is a direct result of South and Central Asian cuisine coming together. This amalgamation resulted in all kinds of delicious foods, and Paya has always been up there as one of the most popular across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

How Is Lamb Paya Made?

Eaten directly off the bone, there are many excellent lamb Paya recipes all over the world. Of course, it goes without saying that our chefs have created one of the best.

A traditional recipe will include onions and garlic in the broth-like juices, while an array of Asian spices are added to the meat to provide its distinctive flavour. Slow cooked for hours, the meat is able to stew in its own juices, adding to its rich flavour and developing a stew-like consistency.

And yes, it’s just as delicious as it sounds.

Where Can I Get Lamb Paya In Manchester?

Although it’s still incredibly popular across South Asia, lamb Paya is certainly a delicacy here in the UK. However, you can try your very first taste at the best halal restaurant Manchester has to offer, because it’s always a big part of the famous Royal Nawaab buffet!