The Best Indian Food For Vegetarians

July 26, 2018

The beauty of Indian cuisine is the fact there’s always something for everyone.

Such is the wide range of dishes, flavours and spices, diners of all tastes can always discover something delicious when they sit down in our London restaurant. Of course, as an all-you-can-eat buffet, Royal Nawaab gives you the chance to taste the diversity of Indian cuisine for yourself.

At the heart of this fantastic range, lies a selection of absolutely mouth-watering vegetarian dishes. Often neglected and forgotten by other cuisines, there’s always plenty of meat-free options on our Indian menu- the only problem is deciding which one to try first!

So, packed with flavour and sizzling with spices, we’re asking one very important question: what’s the best Indian food for vegetarians?

Aloo Gobi

Made from cauliflower, potatoes and fragrant Indian spices, aloo gobi is one of the most popular side dishes in the UK- and not just for vegetarians. Alongside onion bhaji’s, naan bread and saag aloo, aloo gobi is often found on the plates of veggies and meat-eaters alike, due to its fantastic taste and blend of spices.

Chana Masala

This is a delicious chickpea curry which always proves incredibly popular with veggies. Chana chickpeas are much larger than usual, and they’re always packed with great flavour (so it’s not hard to see why this dish is so popular).

Served with chillies and a spicy mix of herbs, this famous veggie dish is capable of really packing a punch, and is an immensely popular snack across the Indian sub-continent.

Vegetable Biryani

Everybody loves a good biryani- and vegetarians are certainly no exception.

Offering the traditional mix of rice and curry, a vegetable biryani provides the same great taste as the various meat versions, while there’s always a plethora of different vegetables you can try. Popular with potato, peas, carrots and mushrooms, a biryani should be one of the first things on a veggie’s plate.

Malai Kofta

For those looking for more of a standard curry dish, malai kofta might be right up your street. A lot saucier than the other dishes on this list, malai kofta is served in a creamy, mild tomato sauce; while the fried dumpling balls always soak in the flavours beautifully.

This is one of the most popular Indian vegetarian dishes in the UK and, when cooked right, it simply melts in the mouth.

You can try all kinds of fantastic vegetarian dishes at the best halal restaurant London has to offer, so visit Royal Nawaab today to try our delicious buffet!