Top Pakistani Desserts For The Winter Season

October 10, 2018

It’s that time of year already, folks.

As the winds get brisker and the rains more frequent, it won’t be long now until we’re all rooting in our wardrobes for a pair of warm gloves and other bits of winterwear. More importantly, we’ll also start craving some warm, hearty meals in a bid to combat the cold and fill our stomachs at the same time.

So, since it’s National Dessert Day later this week (on October 14th), we thought we’d put together the top Pakistani desserts to have over the winter period.


If you like warm, doughy pretzels, then the chances are you’ll absolutely love some delicious jalebi. Incorporating the unmistakeable pretzel shape, this mouth-watering treat is known for its sweet taste and syrupy flavours.

Made from deep fried wheat flour and then coated in sugar syrup, jalebi is traditionally served warm; offering a delicious crispy coating and a chewy centre that’s packed with flavour.


Although we wouldn’t argue kheer is a winter dessert, there’s no doubt that Pakistan’s most popular dessert is perfect for every time of year, including the colder months.

Typically enjoyed during larger celebrations and served as a special treat, kheer is made through a combination of rice, milk, ghee, sugar and khoya. The result is a creamy dish that’s traditionally garnished with dried fruits, creating a rice-pudding dessert that truly captures some signature Pakistani flavours.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Without question, this is the ultimate Pakistani dessert to have during the winter period.

Gajar ka Halwa is made through a combination of carrots, milk and sugar, while it also comes garnished with pistachios and almonds. Served warm alongside a layer of thick cream, this is the perfect dessert to enjoy by the fire with a hot drink in your hand, making it the best Pakistani pudding to have this winter!

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