How Do Banquet Halls Produce Such Large Quantities Of Food?

February 1, 2019

If you’ve ever had to cook for a big group of people in your kitchen at home, you will understand how tricky it can be to plan and prepare a large menu that will feed everyone.

So, imagine how difficult it must be for hotels, buffets and banquet halls to consistently produce large amounts of food each and every day for hundreds of people.

There are a few industry trade secrets that we can share with you to give you an insight on how we cook great tasting Indian and Pakistani inspired food everyday for our guests to enjoy:

  1. Planning

Each dish on our menu is made up of a number of different ingredients. Add up all the dishes we serve each day and the list of ingredients becomes quite staggering. To have all the right ingredients ready to be made up into our signature dishes takes a lot of planning.

Every kitchen needs to be well organised by the head chefs, and ours is no different. Our head chefs are responsible for planning dishes ahead of time and ordering in all of the ingredients that we need. At the end of each day, a comprehensive inventory check takes place, so the chefs know exactly how much needs to be ordered for the following days.

  1. Buying In Bulk

Because we produce such large quantities of food we are able to buy all of our ingredients in large quantities too. When purchasing in bulk we can buy at a much more cost-effective ratio than if we were ordering in small quantities.

  1. Storage

Having such large orders is great but it is important that we have somewhere we can store all of it. Our premises are extensive, including our kitchen and storage areas; large walk-in refrigeration units can store all our fresh ingredients whilst we also have separate storage areas for all our dried goods and spices. Each food needs to be kept at ideal temperatures and humidity to ensure that they don’t spoil.

  1. Cooking Times And Heat Distribution

With a buffet system we can cook large quantities of each dish at a time, meaning we don’t waste time having to make individual dishes for each guest. Organisation is key once again as our trained chefs need to keep a close eye on the levels, so we know when to make more. All the cooked food is stored at safe temperatures using our hot food dispenser systems to make sure none of the food spoils once it has been cooked.

Feeling peckish? Our chefs produce some of the best Indian and Pakistani inspired cuisine in the UK, so visit us at our halal restaurant in Manchester today and try it for yourself.