3 Reasons Why Curry is Britain’s Favourite Dish

October 4, 2019

Although the Tikka Masala was overtaken by the Korma as the UK’s favourite when it drew in a fifth of the votes in 2017, it is safe to say that we have a shared love for curry that cannot be overshadowed by debates over which one holds the top spot. After all, the versatility of a good curry is what makes it so popular! Here at Royal Nawaab, we strive to craft authentic Pakistani and Indian curry’s that will leave the British public salivating with anticipation. Read on as we go over three interesting reasons why curry is considered Britain’s favourite dish…

How did importation and immigration bring curry to the UK?

Like most delicacies in the UK, curry was brought here via immigration. In fact, East Inda Company men brought their Indian cooks back to the British homeland in order to satisfy their appetite for the traditional dish and it is though that curry was being served in London’s Piccadilly by the late 18th century. This was followed by the grand opening of many Indian restaurants, known as ‘coffee houses’, around the capital and by the mid 19th century, curry was popular with the British public because it was said to aid digestion. This was also aided by the importation of turmeric, a vital ingredient in traditional Indian and Pakistani cuisine.  During the 1940’s, Britain welcomed thousands of South Asian immigrants, particularly students and seaman, who introduced the infamous dish to the British once again by opening their own local restaurants.

How many different types of curry’s are there?

Although the introduction of curry in the UK has a rich history, it is safe to say that it is a popular dish due to its versatility. After all, a curry can be made with a range of different meats such as chicken, lamb, beef, pork and even seafood or it can be completely vegetarian. In addition to this, diners can choose a dish that meets their heat and spice preference too as Korma is known for its creamy texture whereas Vindaloo is made with spices like chilli powder to ramp up the heat factor.

How affordable is a high-quality curry?

Although a lot of patience and skill goes into the creation of an authentic curry, nobody wants to spend their entire wage weeks on a single meal and that is why curry is thought to be one of the most affordable dishes in Britain, perhaps lending to its popularity. After all, even the most time-consuming curry’s can be cooked in bulk which allows restaurants to sell it for a profit without overcharging their customers in the process.

Although the taste has been modified for the British public; research suggests that we love curry so much that it actually contributes around 5 billion pounds to the economy each year. In fact, National Curry Week is celebrated every October! With this said, it is safe to say that the meal deals found in the supermarket are a far cry away from the authentic dishes crafted by our team here at Royal Nawaab. To find out more information about what it takes to make a traditional curry that will satisfy the taste buds of every curry-loving Brit, get in contact with the best restaurant London has to offer and book a table at Royal Nawaab today!