The most popular starters at Indian and Pakistani restaurants

November 22, 2019

One of the best features of a buffet style restaurant is that there is no set starters, main courses and desserts; at the banquet you can mix and match your platefuls with whatever dishes you want. We have a wide selection of traditional, delicious starters, that you can tuck into. If you want, you can eat nothing but starters – we’re not going to stop you.

Let’s take a look at the best collection of Indian and Pakistani starters that are on offer at Royal Nawaab:

  1. Samosas

Samosas rarely need an introduction in the UK as they are now part of the mainstay. Samosas are so popular you can now find them on most buffet tables across the country at every holiday occasion. Across India and Pakistan, they are some of the most popular snacks too. These perfect triangle, snack-size pastry bites are usually filled with potato and mixed vegetables, chicken or minced lamb, before being deep fried until they are golden brown.

  1. Aloo Pakora

Pakoras are made from a very simple recipe but sometimes it is the simple dishes that produce the best flavours and most satisfying feeling. Made with potatoes or onions, gram flour and spices hand crafted into a patty before being deep fried, these vegetarian options are a huge favourite.

  1. Puri

These mini unleavened, deep-fried breads are by far one of our most loved starters. This is because they can be packed with any combination of savoury or sweet fillings, before being popped into the mouth for an explosion of unique textures and flavours.

  1. Kebabs

Kebabs can be made up of any mixture of meat and spices. They are cooked on the skewer in our traditional charcoal fired tandoors to give them a charred BBQ outer and a succulent middle.

  1. Fish Masala

One of our more unique options that you might not find in many places is our masala fish. Succulent chunks of white fish are marinated in a masala sauce with our blend of herbs and spices before being deep fried. It isn’t uncommon to see plates piled high with nothing other than masala fish in our banquet hall.

Come and try some of the best starters in London at Royal Nawaab’s famous Indian and Pakistani banquet hall.