Gluten free Indian food that is perfect for celiacs

November 29, 2019

Indian and Pakistani cuisine has become one of the most popular foods across the globe. From home cooking to restaurant dining, this corner of Asia has dominated the culinary world, creating unique fusion food and authentic dishes that people everywhere just seem to love.

Anyone who lives with celiac disease – a disorder which creates an immune response in the body when eating gluten that can cause inflammation and damage to the small intestine – knows that it can be tough to find gluten free dishes or to avoid cross contamination, which can be a real concern that can at the very least ruin your evening and at the most, end up in a trip to the hospital.

This is what makes choosing a restaurant like Royal Nawaab a great option. Indian and Pakistani cuisine has a number of gluten free options that doesn’t skimp on flavour. Here are a few:

  1. Dosa

This crepe-like sponge is thinly rolled and eaten either stuffed or un-stuffed are perfect for celiacs because they are made from a lentil and rice batter. The batter is slightly fermented to give it extra flavour. They originate from the South of India and Sri Lanka but are now a popular dish all across the Indian subcontinent and is rising in popularity here in the UK too.

  1. Papadums

The papadum has become the go to starter across every UK Indian restaurant. No evening out for curry would be complete without these crispy lentil crackers. In the centre of the table, they are perfect for sharing as people break off a piece. They come with chutneys, yoghurt and pickles that you can spread on top.

  1. Pakora

Most street-style snacks are off limit for celiacs – apart from the pakora that is. Made with vegetables or paneer coated in spiced gram flour (made form chickpeas) before being deep fried; they may not be the healthiest snack around but they sure are one of the most delicious.

Always make sure you inform your waiter if you have any dietary requirements when you visit Royal Nawaab restaurant. They will be happy to help you avoid any gluten and advise you on the best options available to you.