Take a peek at our delicious dessert range

December 19, 2019

Here at Royal Nawaab we are well known for our huge selection of authentic Indian and Pakistani dishes. In our banquet setting you can help yourself to platefuls of your favourite food or sample a little something different. But no matter how much you eat at Royal Nawaab, everyone always has room for dessert.

Guests of all ages love to finish their meal with one of our sweet treats; here are a few of our most popular choices:

Gulab Jamun

These decadent and syrupy spheres are hugely popular at Royal Nawaab. Made from milk solids which are mixed with eggs, semolina, flour, cardamom, rose water and a touch of baking powder to form a sticky dough. This dough is rolled, by hand, into little balls before being deep friend and then soaked in a sugar syrup. The luxurious, silky sweetness has made the gulab jamun one of the most popular sweet desserts across Asia, South Africa and even the Caribbean.

Maash Daal Halwa

For the perfect sweet tooth satisfier, you have to taste our traditional halwa. Although usually found at special occasions, it is on our menu all year round for people to enjoy. Made with sweetened semolina and white lentils, the addition of pistachios and almonds help create a silky consistency. The lentils are blended into a paste before being fried in ghee, sweetened with sugar and folded with the nuts.

Gajar Halwa

Carrot cake is a hugely popular dessert in the UK, so it makes sense that Gajar Halwa would entice the taste buds of our guests. This pudding is a hugely popular winter dish in India and Pakistan; fresh carrot cooked slowly with milk, sugar and cream creates a very satisfying dessert that is sweet, creamy and rich in flavour. Cardamom powder and nuts are added to finish.

Come and satisfy your sweet tooth at Royal Nawaab restaurant tonight where you can try these and many more brilliant Pakistani and Indian desserts.