How the world embraced Pakistani food

June 4, 2020

Food is important in Pakistan. Not only is it the main source of income for millions of residents, the love of food in the country is almost like a religion.


So many great things have come out of Pakistan; from clothes and music to traditions, festivals and of course cuisine. Pakistan food culture is so diverse that it can sometimes be hard to identify what is actually Pakistani, and a lot of dishes are commonly confused with Indian dishes.


Every city in Pakistan has its own beloved dishes, and the rest of the world have adopted thousands of dishes and been influenced by Pakistani flavours.


The area of Karachi is a famous foodie destination and is often referred to as a food lovers paradise. You can find dishes form all over Pakistan here in Karachi, all with a slight twist by adding their own influence to classic dishes. They are also famous for their love of spice and like to kick up the heat levels of popular dishes.


Karachi has numerous food scenes, including fine dining, street food and takeaway dishes that everyone loves. These dishes transfer perfectly into cultures all over the world.



One of Karachi’s most famous dishes is the biryani: a dish that is loved by many Pakistanis and has become a staple across Pakistani restaurants all over the world. There is also Nihari, a dish that dates all the way back to the 18th Century and known as the dish of the Mughals. This dish is another Karachi favourite that has travelled well, reaching as far as Australia and even the United States and Britain where millions of people enjoy it each and every year.


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