Different Meats for a Korma Curry

September 14, 2020

As the mildest curry that Indian cuisine has to offer, the humble korma is also incredibly versatile. After all, it can be made using a wide variety of different meats in order to provide diners with an experience like no other, and you can even use a variety of vegetables instead in order to create a vegetarian friendly alternative to the traditional korma. Read on as we go over three different meats that are typically used in this Indian curry…


There is nothing more satisfying than a traditional chicken korma. In fact, poultry has been used in Indian cuisine for hundreds of years because it’s available in such abundance, known to be incredibly filling, and provides a healthy supply of protein in the diet. Plus, tender pieces of chicken breast work so well with the creamy texture of a traditional korma curry.


Many people visualise a beige colour when it comes to korma, however the rich flavour of beef usually changes this to a dark brown instead. With this said, a beef korma is a delicacy that cannot be missed out on and is surprisingly easy to make. In fact, coating the meat in turmeric and browning it in a saucepan prior to simmering actually burns the spices and gives the dish a more balanced flavour profile.


Another popular red meat that is typically used in South Indian korma recipes is mutton because there is such an abundant source available. Since this meat can dry out very easily if it is overcooked, the mutton is often left on the bone and added to the pot whole rather than being chopped into bite sized pieces. This provides the dish with a lot of flavour and ensures that the meat is succulent and juicy.

There is nothing more satisfying than a traditional curry, and the korma is one of India’s most infamous dishes. After all, it is known for its creamy texture and subtle flavour profile that can introduce even the biggest spice-hater to Indian cuisine. Get in contact with the best restaurant Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the Royal Nawaab team to find out more information today!