The Lowdown on Indian Starters

February 20, 2021

Every diner who has ever been to an Indian restaurant will recognise some of the starters that we are going to discuss in this article as they are quite possibly the most popular delicacies of the whole cuisine. Here at Royal Nawaab, we pride ourselves on our authentic array of dishes and this ideology extends to all of our courses – starters included! Read on as we delve into the popularity of starter dishes…

As the name suggests, a starter is the first dish that diners enjoy when they visit a restaurant and it is typically served as a predecessor to the main meal. Although the custom is usually followed when dining out, a lot of households tend to adopt it during celebrations that involve a sit-down meal, such as at weddings or at home during the Christmas period. The general intention of a starter is to whet the appetite and prepare a diner for their main course, which is why they are often small and bite-sized portions.

When it comes to Indian cuisine, there are a wide range of starters for diners to choose from that differ considerably in terms of spice and ingredients. Perhaps the most well-known starter that you will find in the centre of the table at any Indian establishment are poppadoms served with a selection of chutneys and dips like mango chutney, lime pickle, raita and achaar. Sometimes, this dish is even considered a pre-starter that diners can enjoy whilst they wait for their actual starter to be prepared in the kitchen. After all, a lot of Indian starters are served hot such as onion bhajis, pakoras and samosas. These snack-sized treats offer a burst of flavour that really gets your taste buds tingling and are extremely popular with Western diners whilst those with a more adventurous palate may want to opt for chicken tikka pieces, oven-roasted chickpeas or even aloo gobi, a spiced vegetable dish.

As the best family restaurant around, we know that both staring starters and individual starters are the best way to introduce the little ones to a cuisine they may not be familiar with. After all, poppadoms served with a selection of chutneys are just one of a wide range of family friendly starters that we serve! Get in contact with a member of the Royal Nawaab team to find out more today.