Nawaab Opens its Kitchen Doors

October 1, 2013

At the core of every member of the Nawaab Manchester team is a deep love of great food, in particular authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine. This brings forth a desire to share the delectable tastes of Asia to everybody and anybody who walks through the front doors of Nawaab.

Naturally, the most obvious way in which Nawaab Manchester shares its passion for Indian cuisine is by providing a wide range of dishes for all food lovers to enjoy. However, Nawaab is now starting its own recipe contribution club that allows food lovers from all around the World to share their family recipes, tips and tricks.

Nawaab will then share the best recipes on the website for all fans to view and use. As a proud member of a thriving community, we are happy to help people get together and share their love of Indian foods and flavours.

The very best recipes will also be added to the menu at Nawaab Manchester for a finite time. Nawaab’s thousands of fans and aficionados could soon be enjoying your special family recipe. Our team of skilled chefs will become the students as the most skilled of you with beautiful recipes become the head chef for the day.

More than just a restaurant, Nawaab Manchester endeavours to retain its place as a valuable pillar of the community and central to Manchester’s love of Indian food. As a Curry Awards winner, Nawaab offers a guarantee that any food advocated by the group will be of the highest quality.

To join the fun, simply visit the Submit Your Recipe page listed below and fill in the fields with the detailed recipe. Make sure that you include full amounts in a clear manner, so our chefs and fans can craft your dish in its full authentic deliciousness. The recipes don’t have to be complicated with a myriad of hard-to-find ingredients, sometimes the most enjoyable and best loved recipes are the simplest.

Submit your Recipe: