Best Places to Treat your Staff in Manchester this Christmas

November 14, 2013

The concept of the office Christmas party has become somewhat outdated. Staff members no longer want to awkwardly shuffle around their office adorned with balloons and cheap streamers after work hours listening to a part-time DJ play cheesy Christmas hits and 80s anthems. Christmas parties are now all about doing something fun and exciting and seeing the year off in style! Here is a guide to an excellent and affordable Christmas outing in Manchester this year.

Christmas Markets

For many Manchester locals, the Christmas festivities truly start when the traditional markets open in Albert Square and numerous other locations throughout the city. Beat the cold with the lively and excitable atmosphere and the fantastic selection of food, drinks and collectibles on offer is sure to please every member of staff regardless of taste. This is also a perfect opportunity for people to buy great last-minute Christmas presents for their loved ones.


Chill Factore

The Chill Factore indoor skiing and snowboarding slope is perfect for those who work in a young and vibrant environment. Training is available on-site so your entire team will soon be ready to hit the slopes and feel the adrenaline rush of racing through the snow. If some members of your team are slightly less daring however, there are a number of smaller tubing slides and slopes for them to enjoy in rubber rings or on body boards.


For a truly unique experience for many of your staff members; Airkix Indoor Skydiving is a fantastically enjoyable day out. Experience weightlessness in this free fall simulator; all the staff are fully trained and certified to ensure that your staff have a safe and memorable day out. You are given a full pre-flight brief then let free in the Airkix tunnel. Spectacular demonstrations are also supplied to show you how the professionals do it.


At the end of a long and sometime-tiring day celebrating the Christmas period, your staff will be aching for some hearty, delicious food – the cornerstone of Manchester Nawaab. The unlimited buffet ensures that your staff will be able to enjoy as much or as little food as they desire. The wide range of different dishes on offer will satisfy all palates and tastes. The spicy and delectable Indian cuisine will heat up the cockles of those unimpressed by the cold December days and dark December nights.