How To Keep Cool With Indian Food

June 23, 2015

In the summer it’s important to keep hydrated and cool to avoid sun stroke or dehydration. Eating spicy food in hot weather might sound like a bad choice but why should you have to sacrifice eating your favourite foods because of the changing weather.

Royal Nawaab London knows how to keep cool with Indian food. You need to eat foods that will reduce your body heat and keep you hydrated.

We have the best tips to help keep you cool in the hot weather whilst still enjoying delicious spice-infused curries.

Eat Cool Foods

When you think of Indian food, you probably think of hot and spicy curries but there are many other coolly spiced curries and snacks that won’t make you have a red sweaty face.

Dishes like vegetable samosas and lightly spiced butter chicken have heart-warming spices without the kick. One of our personal favourites is poppadoms with mint yoghurt and chopped onions as they are a refreshing and cool snack.

Less Oily Dishes

Many Indian foods are cooked in oil (like peanut oil) so you need to try and avoid eating too many fried meals because they can make you thirsty and cause your skin to get oily. You don’t want uncomfortable oily skin in the hot weather.

Kebabs, especially, are filled with lots of oil but if you don’t want to be kept away from eating your favourite meals, create a balanced meal with vegetables and other refreshing ingredients.

Refreshing Foods

To keep cool in the hot weather, watery fruits and vegetables can taste like the first drink from a desert oasis. It’s important to keep hydrated and eat dishes rich with vegetables as they can help reduce your body heat.

Indian curries filled with vegetables are a refreshing choice. Choose a vegetable biryani or a mixed vegetable curry as a meal to help keep you hydrated.

Stick to Mild Curries

Although your taste buds may be drawn to the spicier dishes, it’s important to eat milder dishes as you want to avoid increasing your body heat.

Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Rogan Josh and Chicken Korma might be seen as the milder curries of the group but they still possess the rich taste.

If you can’t keep away from Madras or Vindaloo then have a smaller curry portion and mix it with some pilau rice and cooked vegetables.

Keep cool with Royal Nawaab London and eat refreshing meals that can be eaten throughout any heat wave.