Buffet Ideas for Eid

July 17, 2015

With the arrival of Eid, it is the norm to enjoy a great selection of delicious food to celebrate the end of Ramadan. If your family are coming over to visit you to celebrate, you want to make sure you create plenty of delicious foods that will make people remember you as the best host.

At Nawaab Manchester we have the ambition to be the best Indian buffet restaurant in Manchester. Over the years we have gathered experience and learned from our customers what they enjoy most from our buffet. Today we are sharing some of our top tips on how to create a splendid buffet everyone will enjoy.

Indian Spiced Chicken Skewers

Chicken Skewers are quick and easy to make and they are great for buffets. Chicken Tikka Skewers can be eaten with some salad and with either some naan bread or chapatti.

To make Chicken Tikka Kebabs mix 150ml yoghurt and 3 tbsp of tikka masala paste and add the sauce to the chicken before you cook them on the skewers. You can also add some vegetables to the skewers to add colour and taste – yellow peppers, red onions, cherry tomatoes and courgettes bring a vibrant variety of colour.

Potato and Vegetable Samosas

Samosas are a must-have for any buffet table. They make an excellent starter or small snack. There are alternative ways of cooking samosas, you can bake or fry them. Whilst there is not much difference in taste with either method, there is a difference in the texture of the samosa dough. We recommend frying them so the crust turns flaky and crumbles when you take a bite.


The desserts are the main part of any buffet and especially for Eid it gives you the opportunity to show your creative flair. If you want to make a change from traditional Indian desserts or large cakes, cupcakes are a great choice.

With cupcakes you can provide different flavours and you have the option to do individual designs for each cake. It is a good gesture to create a cupcake design for each guest who is attending your buffet so they feel special.

Easy to Eat Options

If you don’t have a lot of space for people to sit down comfortably, it is worthwhile to have smaller foods so guests can put them on a plate and come back for seconds later. Especially if people have to stand, it’s easier to have bitesized foods which are easy to manage and less likely to fall off the plate.

Variety of Food

Despite what kinds of food you want to feature on your buffet table, it’s important you include a variety of options. For a successful buffet it is best to have a wide selection of foods available so there will be something for everyone – even the picky eaters.

As well as creating a variety of delicious foods, remember to create a beautiful table to lay out your foods.

From everyone at Royal Nawaab Manchester – Eid Mubarak