Pros and Cons of Indian Food

February 7, 2017

Here at Nawaab, it’s easy to be biased about the benefits of our food category- after all, we are an Indian and Pakistani restaurant. In fact, it has even been said by a famous body builder ‘If you want a good body, you should eat Indian food’. Now, before we all start consuming questionable amounts of Indian cuisine, let’s go over the pros and cons…


  • The is no other cuisine in the world which can provide such an exquisite variety. In India there is a vast and very diverse population and when this coupled with the differing climate conditions, it means that a huge variety of food is able to grow there.


  • The condiments used in Indian cooking offer more than just flavour. For example, turmeric, ginger, garlic and cinnamon are all condiments that offer various health benefits. In fact, these spices were used to naturally preserve food during hot conditions when there were no fridges.


  • Although not particularly a disadvantage, the Indian diet is rather unbalanced in terms of the nature of foods. It is very carbohydrate based, mainly because many farmers would need a steady supply for energy throughout the day. However in this day and age, many of us are not as active as the traditions were which means that we may be eating too much of one food group.


  • The amount of fats consumed in the average Indian diet can be high and although we do require fats in our diet, we must be cautious not to consume too much. We must remember to introduce a balance of the food groups within Indian cuisine.

Now you’ve heard the pros and cons, come visit the best Indian restaurant London has to offer today to get your hands on the most authentic Indian cuisine around!