Exciting Events Happening this Summer in Manchester

August 1, 2017

Manchester is a wonderful place, filled with culture, excitement, and there are always events that interest all ages. Manchester is full of lovely bars and restaurants to relax in but also if you look at the history behind Manchester there is St Ann’s Square, The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester Cathedral and The Monastery Manchester. There are a lot of exciting events coming up this summer, for all the family to get involved with!

  • Vogue 100: a century of style is coming to Manchester Art Gallery, as it is celebrating some of the most iconic photo’s over the past 100 years of publication. Ranging from photo’s that inspired Madonna in 1978, to a 1978 picture of David Bowie- the gallery will feature some of the most iconic artists including Marlene Dietrich, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.
  • Heaton Park has transformed itself from hundreds of metres of grass, to a beach with deck chairs available and all the things you love on the seaside. This is the perfect family day out, and perfect for children. It is packed with a family funfair, children’s entertainment and there are special visitors every weekend. The children will love it, and it is the idea of a holiday whilst not having to move far away from your home.
  • The Jazz Festival has made its way to Manchester, however ends 6th of August therefore if you are interested you need to get booking now. Europe’s most exciting festival has a range of international artists, emerging bands and new artists. The Jazz Festival will provide great entertainment, full of different cultures attracting people from all around the United Kingdom.

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