Indian Cooking Methods

August 15, 2017

There are a handful of different methods that each type of cuisine adopts in order to produce the food they are famous for- and Indian cuisine is certainly no exception to this rule. Here at Royal Nawaab, we love educating and sharing information about Asian cuisine which is why we are going to use this blog to tell you a few different cooking methods that are used within Indian cuisine…


This method involves three thing; sautéing, stir frying and stewing, and although it is not the full process in terms of cooking a dish, it helps you to prepare in advance.


As a literal translation of steam, Dum is the method of cooking food on a low heat whilst using the steam that is trapped inside sealed pans and containers in order to cook the food. This method, which is over 200 years old, allows for certain meats to cook in their own juices and become tender.


This method is known as Tempering in English. In fact, it is known by many names depending on the country. The process basically involves the aroma and flavour of the spices to be imbedded in the oil so that when it mixes with the meat, it is able to intertwine beautifully.


This is a Goan method which was influenced by the Portuguese a very long time ago. It includes vegetables such as eggplant or seafood like prawns to be picked in sugar, vinegar and other spices several days before they are actually eaten in order to allow the spices to sink deeply and become richer/stronger.

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