4 Places you have to eat if you visit Muzaffarabad

January 30, 2018

In the territory of Azad Jammu and Azaz Kashmir, on the banks of the Neelum and Jehlum rivers lays the city of Muzaffarabad. The city was named after the Muslim ruler of the area and means Muzaffar’s town.

If you are to visit this city now, a world of culinary Pakistani delights awaits you. From crispy fish to Chappal kabab, chai to ice cream, this city has everything a foody adventurer could ever wish for.

The town has received little media coverage over they years, so remains a hidden gem that is a haven for food lovers.

Check out our list of the best food places you need to visit in Muzaffarabad:

  1. Usman kabab

For the best kabab shop downtown, you have to visit Usman’s kabab; located near Hamam wali masjid. Their uniquely prepared chapal kabab, fresh rotis and quick service have made this place famous. Sitting room is limited, but the busy ques are simply down to the fact that the food there is the best around.

  1. Shama Fish Center

Near sain saheli sarkar you will find some of the best fish you will ever taste in the capital city of Azad Kashmir. As well as fried fish they also serve up a BBQ fish, cooked in aluminium foil over charcoal. Due to their popularity you may have to wait longer than other places, but the wait will mean nothing when you take your first bite.

  1. Four Seasons Ice Cream:

The famous local ice cream brand Four Seasons is a must visit destination on your trip to Muzaffarabad. They provide different flavours of ice creams and shakes of the highest quality at the cheapest price.

  1. Pakistan Hotel Ki Chi and Bakarkhani

Located in upper ada, Khaniya ki chai is famous for its unique presentation with bakarkhanis. Bustling with the local students, who visit there throughout the week to enjoy the chai-sutta combinations.

Visit Royal Nawaab’s Halal restaurant in Manchester to get a taste of Pakistani delights, maybe it will inspire you to visit one day.