Royal Nawaab: Halal Cuisine in Manchester And London

February 2, 2018

Once people try Royal Nawaab, they keep coming back, time and time again. What is it about the halal buffet restaurant that people can’t get enough of?

Is it the great selection of food? Is it the beautiful art deco buildings? The fantastic staff? All of the above?

Royal Nawaab does a lot, and it does it all right. The quality on offer keeps people coming back through the doors at our Manchester and London locations, because every visit brings a unique experience.

Choosing Manchester and London was important to Royal Nawaab. Both cities represent everything they stand for, and both are full of food lovers. Being able to bring Pakistani cuisine to a mainstream UK audience was a risk, but one they believed would pay off; because London and Manchester are known for pushing the boundaries of cuisine, and always being up for trying something new.

Royal Nawaab has carefully selected its locations to play host to its vast menu. After all, the building is the first thing people set their eyes on, and it’s important to make a statement. Both restaurants are located in historic Art Deco buildings, where the experience starts before you set foot through the door.

The London restaurant is located in the famous Hoover building 7 in the capitals Perivale area. A building made famous by Elvis Costello’s mournful tribute to the confident façade. The Manchester restaurant is housed in the South Manchester district of Levenshulme; the building was once The Regal Cinema, and most of the original Art Deco style has been retained creating a truly unique setting where Bollywood legends adorn the walls. The huge space has also allowed them to make room for banqueting suites that regularly accommodate weddings, birthdays and other parties.

The buildings chosen to set up the halal restaurants in Manchester and London had to reflect the grand passion and ambition of its owners, waiters, and most importantly, the tireless chefs that work hard to produce delicious cuisine true to Pakistan, tradition and of course, flavour.

This is why there are only two Royal Nawaab restaurants- in the fantastic cities of Manchester and London.