The Desi Dishes That Define Pakistan Food Culture

August 30, 2018

The country of Pakistan may be young, but it is one full of people who love to eat, and Pakistan food has been cultivated over many centuries before it came to be known today as ‘Pakistani cuisine’. Food becomes the first way we all interact with another culture when we travel; it is the stepping stone to experiencing new ways of life and is something that everyone should try.

In Pakistan, there are thousands upon thousands of restaurants offering exquisite cuisines from all over the world, yet the desi diet is still more than just food, it is an obsession.

But what are the top Desi dishes that define Pakistan?


One of the most famous meals for breakfast or brunch is paye with fresh naan or parathas. The perfect combination of spice makes it a special dish that everyone must try; because once you do, you will want to eat it regularly.


After biryani the Nalli Nihari is a firm favourite. It dates back to the Nawabi days and is cooked for 6-8 hours, usually overnight in a special Nihari Masala. It takes a lot of love and effort to make – so you know it is special.


Consisting of whole chicken or lamb on skewers, marinated in salt, covered with green papaya paste, stuffed with rice, then roasted over hot coals before being served with special bread, this dish has regional varieties with subtle differences all over Pakistan.

Halwa Puri

This is the national Sunday breakfast of all Pakistanis. It consists of a deep-fried bread, served with halwa and curries mixed with chickpeas and potato.


No Pakistani wedding is complete without a Biryani: families can compromise over a lot of things when planning a special occasion, but when it comes to Biryani, there is absolutely no excuse for it not to make it on the tables.

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