The Pakistani Curries You Need To Try

October 31, 2018

Now that the weather has turned a little chilly, there’s never been a better time to try some of our delicious curries.

Our spicy vindaloo and sizzling madras dishes are guaranteed to help you fight off the cold this winter, while even the milder curries can play their part in combating the annual winter chill. Our range of mouth-watering Pakistani dishes are certainly no different, with each one providing a tantalising blend of punchy herbs and spices.

But what are the Pakistani curries you need to try this winter?


You just can’t beat a tasty chicken karahi. Punchy, fragrant, and downright delicious, a Pakistani karahi is made through a fantastic combination of cumin, garlic and ginger, while a range of other spices and chilies are used to provide a bit of a kick.

But this is by no means the spiciest curry on the menu, and it’s a perfect option for diners who love a curry with medium spice. A Pakistani karahi won’t involve any onions or capsicum, while an Indian version will typically include both of these ingredients.

Either way, a good karahi is always perfect alongside some raita and a chunk of naan bread.

Aloo Gosht

This tasty meat curry is an essential dish for anyone wanting to try some authentic Pakistani flavours. Consisting of potatoes, meat and all kinds of signature spices, aloo gosht comes in a thick, gravy-like sauce which resembles more of a stew than a curry.

Perfect with a scoop of white rice and guaranteed to warm your insides, aloo gosht is the ultimate Pakistani comfort food this winter.

Chicken Lahori

It doesn’t get much heartier and hotter than a chicken lahori.

Offering a delicious combination of chicken, onions, cardamom, coriander, chilli powder and too many other spices to name, there’s no doubt this tasty curry certainly packs a punch or two. Traditionally served alongside basmati rice and originating from the city of Lahore, chicken lahori has always been one of the most popular curries in Pakistan.

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