Top Things to Consider Before Booking Your Event Venue

November 15, 2018

Choosing a venue for your event can be enormously difficult. There are a number of things to take into consideration as well as ensuring it looks and feels perfect. Whether it’s a wedding, a banquet, a birthday, an anniversary, a funeral or even a work event – it’s super important to make sure everything has been considered.

But where do you start? And what are the most important things you have to consider?

Here at The Royal Nawaab London, we’re very proud of our banqueting suites and event catering and so we’ve run through some of our top questions to ask and things to consider before booking your venue.

How Many People are Attending?

It’s important to figure out how many people will be in attendance. This will ensure you know exactly what type of venue to book. For example, can your venue handle a party of 500? If so, how will they accommodate them?

Our banqueting suites hold 500 and 280. Firstly, the Royal Suite is a stunningly decorated space with gorgeous ornate chandeliers giving a real illusion of grandeur, decadence and class.

Renowned for extravagant events, the Royal Suite has plenty of room for entertainment and is perfect for those larger parties who really want to create a lasting impression.

The Imperial Suite is slightly smaller and more intimate; holding up to 280 guests. This room is sure to dazzle with its stunning and eye-catching lighting and beautiful space which can be completely customised according to your specifications.

What Type of Event is it?

Will your event be formal or informal? This may seem like an obvious question but you need to ensure the venue and suite that you hire is able to accommodate for the type of event you’re putting on.

For example, if you’re planning on hosting a wedding reception and the room just screams out ‘casual dining’, it may not be quite up to your or your guests expectations when it comes to crunch time. If you are planning a formal event, how much are you able to decorate the venue and add decorations?

Does the venue itself offer decorations such as chair décor, tables, chairs and linens? If a venue offers decorations inclusive or as an add-on, it will usually fit with their exact theme and décor of the existing room so it’s always worth taking a look at what they provide and, even, asking for photos of prior events so you can see what it looks like in real life.

How Long Will You Have For Your Event?

Another hugely important question to ask! If your venue is booked for a Friday evening, will you be able to come in early and have your crew set up anything that needs setting up? For example, audio or video equipment?

You’ll need ample time to ensure you can get in there, set up and then check over any finishing touches so be sure that you’re given enough time to do so. The last thing when planning a large event is to have someone else host an event earlier in the day meaning you’re left with no time to check over the minor details.

This is a special day and a special event so double check with the venue manager or your dedicated planner exactly how much time you’ll have before the actual event starts.

Also, don’t forget to ask them what time people are able to leave. When hosting an event, not everybody will walk out of the door at the same exact time. Be sure you leave a little extra time after the official finish and communicate that to the venue manager, also.

Does the Event Venue Charge Extra for Specific Things?

Of course, it’s important to have a budget in mind when planning your event. But don’t forget to sweat the small stuff, too. It’s important to plan everything thoroughly with the venue manager and find out if you’ll be needing to pay extra for things like parking, Wi-Fi and even audio/video equipment or use.

Also, be sure to check the food pricing costs and if your venue will charge for the additional staff or additional catering charges. Once you have an idea of what extras you will or won’t need, you’ll have your final budget and it should be plain sailing from there!

Remember, if you’re looking to host your event, we’d be delighted to welcome you to Royal Nawaab London. We’re located in a stunning building, with perfect banqueting suites that are perfectly adaptable to your needs. If you’d like to speak to us about event hire and event catering, then be sure to contact us.