Essential Equipment For Event Catering

December 6, 2018

Here at Royal Nawaab we have catered for hundreds, if not thousands, of weddings. Food is a vital part of any event to ensure that everyone is happy. To create enough wonderful dishes and to serve them to such a large group of people, fresh and hot, we need to use special equipment and a dedicated team of chefs and servers.

The equipment necessary to cater a huge event is more extensive than you may imagine. From serving equipment, table settings, the buffet, the beverage station and off-site prep, it is important that we have the right equipment to make sure everything goes smoothly.

What equipment is needed to cater an event?

  1. Table settings

The checklist for event tables needs to involve the decorative elements as well as the more functional ones. Remember, your event needs to look incredible in order to take it from a mere buffet to a truly memorable event that people will talk about for years to come.

Some of the most important items include: salad, dinner and bread plates; materials such as tablecloths and napkins; wine and water glasses; salt and pepper shakers and sugar holders.

  1. To Serve

Buffets eliminate the need for a lot of serving equipment, but with so many people all wanting to eat at the same time it is important that sometimes, some amount of serving is still completed, even if it is simply to remove used dishes. Bus bins are always needed to help staff remove dirty plates and food after people have finished eating; serving trays are necessary to move food to where it needs to be quickly; and water pitchers need to be constantly refilled and available to each person at each table.

  1. Buffet

Although a buffet removes a certain amount of equipment you usually need if everything is to be served at table, in order to keep food fresh and hot we use some more specialised equipment, such as:

  • Tongs
  • Chafing Dishes
  • Fuel
  • Matches/Lighters
  • Plates
  • Serving Baskets
  • Chefs Knives
  • Chopping boards/blocks
  • Spatulas
  • Cleaning cloths

Beverage Station

Your beverage station can be stocked for hot and cold drinks and needs to be able to efficiently handle drink orders for large numbers of guests. You may need a wide range of glasses, coffee cups and pitchers for the tables as well as ice tubs, straws, napkins and bins for all the waste to be dealt with.

If you need an event catered for then get in touch with us at Royal Nawaab halal restaurant London.