How Apps Can Boost Businesses For Restaurants

January 22, 2019

The restaurant business hasn’t changed much over the years as there is little that actually needed to be changed. With the emergence of smartphones and the popularity of applications used to make all elements of life easier – from paying our bills to tracking our weight loss – there is finally a way to include technology to help restaurant owners boost business.

Apps are very popular in modern society and they are becoming increasingly popular for restaurants to advertise themselves and to help people engage with them. Let’s take a look at the different ways that apps are changing the way the restaurant industry operates.

  1. Faster Service

Being able to reduce wait times and increase the speed and efficiency of service has always been high on the agenda for restaurants. Apps are a great way of improving these elements as customers are able to book tables easily, even order their meal through the app itself, cutting out the necessity of a waiter and allow guests to review their order history and even save their favourite dishes for next time.

  1. Expand Audience

The large majority of 25 to 35-year-olds discover new places to eat through mobile apps and around 25% of them have at least one restaurant app installed on their phone. By having an app presence, you don’t just engage with your current customers, you also make yourself more likely to be found by new customers who are looking for food in your area, whether they be locals or visitors.

  1. User Retention

Through benefits like loyalty points and notifications, restaurants will be much more likely to retain their mobile app users. Loyalty programmes which contain discounts and rewards, gift cards and coupons are the apps that customers like to keep checking and to keep using.

Some bigger companies have also included a gaming element to their apps in an attempt to retain even more customers by adding a little something different.

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