Key Tips To Operating A Successful Buffet

April 25, 2019

The buffet is a much-loved restaurant set up across the UK for a number of different cuisines, especially that of Asian cuisines such as Chinese, Indian and Pakistani. Not only is the buffet an easy system to establish but it also a lucrative one that can make a lot of money if done right.

Buffets have been growing in popularity for many years now as customers become accustomed to the all-you-can-eat, self-service style and the relaxed dining environment that has plenty of choice and many delicious dishes to sample – rather than the simple starter, main and dessert format of a standard restaurant.

As customers are becoming better acquainted with different buffets, they are also starting to notice what makes them good and what makes one a buffet to avoid. Cleanliness and maintenance are the first things customers will notice about a buffet, but there are other areas that buffet owners need to keep a close eye on if they are to be successful:

  1. Food Inventory Monitoring

Having a clear understanding of which dishes are most popular helps avoid the eventuality of half eaten trays of food having to be discarded; something that customers tend to take notice of.  Not only can wasting food affect the way customers see you, it also negatively affects your bottom line, and over time, the loss of money can have a serious negative impact on your business.

There must always be clear communication between employees in the kitchen, management and suppliers to ensure that the flow of ingredients and dishes are well regulated and waste is kept to an absolute minimum.

  1. Checklists

Restaurants should be very familiar with checklists; from health and safety to cleaning and maintenance, there are important areas that need regular attention, and the one way to ensure that jobs are being done are through checklists.

Food preparation checklists, cleaning rotas, and food storage checklists all need to be closely abided by to ensure no cross contamination or poor cleaning standards start to become the norm.

Here at Royal Nawaab’s halal restaurant in Manchester, we follow strict rules to ensure our buffet runs smoothly each and every day and that our high standards are adhered to for every single one of our visitors.