Popular Indian and Pakistani Seafood Dishes

July 9, 2019

Seafood may not be the first food that comes to mind when we think of Indian or Pakistani food; instead, curries, rotis, lentils and meats such as lamb and chicken are more likely to jump to our thoughts and set our taste buds tingling.

Pakistan and India together have a huge stretch of coast, perfect for creating seafood dishes that are as diverse as they are delicious. The waters around India in particular are responsible for them becoming the world’s leading exporters of seafood.

What makes fish such a perfect ingredient for Indian and Pakistani dishes? Well, not only does fish have a very quick cooking time compared to other meats, making it perfect for families of all incomes, fish also works perfectly with the famous herbs and spices you find across this part of Asia.

Every coastal city in India and Pakistan has its own seafood dishes; from crabs and lobster to white fish and prawns, those who love seafood are spoilt for choice when they visit.


There are so many ways to cook fish; you can deep fry it in a batter, cook it in a curry, some can even be eaten raw. Chunks of flaky fish flavoured by your favourite spices in your go to curry are a healthier protein option too.


Tawa and Masala prawns are a hugely popular dish across the coast and make a perfect dish for those who love the taste of spicy shellfish. A lot of prawn dishes can be made easily and take very little time to prepare. A simple dish of prawns in oil with chilli and a garam masala mix is a perfectly simple yet delicious dish fit for any table.


Crab tandoori. Crab soups. Crab curry. The humble crab is a hugely diverse ingredient that goes perfectly with Indian and Pakistani flavourings. From spicy chilli dishes to smooth coconut creations, once you’ve switched to a crab curry, it can be hard to choose anything else ever again.


Lobster is actually a hugely popular dish amongst wedding parties in India. Boiled, steamed, grilled or baked, the cooking options are varied, but the result is always the same – delicious.

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