Busting the Myths on Indian Cuisine

March 11, 2020

Ever since British soldiers and travellers brought their Indian cooks back to Britain, we have come to love the rich flavours that Indian cuisine provides. After all, western dishes tend not to utilise a lot of spices which can make the food taste bland in comparison. With this said, Indian cuisine has garnered a lot of negative press over the years as people struggle to understand the beauty of an authentic dish. Read on as the team here at Royal Nawaab bust some of the biggest myths on the web…

Myth: Indian food is always hot and spicy

Although spice does play a big role in the culture of India and the food that is consumed there, there are a variety of mild dishes that are made using yogurt, coconut milk and subtle spices that provide a flavoursome experience without overwhelming the taste buds. Unfortunately, the misconception that Indian cuisine relies on heat causes many people to avoid it and miss out on the experience of a well-balanced and enjoyable dish.

Myth: Curry is the only dish in Indian cuisine

Many people indirectly associate Indian food with curry when there are actually a wide range of different dishes that make up the culture and cuisine. After all, curry is an umbrella term given to a dish that encompasses cooked vegetables and/or potatoes in a spiced sauce and this means that it is vastly open to interpretation. In addition to this, dosa, pakora and papri chat are all Indian dishes that are not considered a curry.

Myth: Indian food is unhealthy

Since a lot of traditional Indian cooking relies on the use of oil, there is a common misconception that Indian food is unhealthy. With this said, takeaway curries and authentic dishes from Indian cuisine are incredibly different from one other because the latter utilises a wide range of spices like turmeric, ginger and cayenne which are known to relieve inflammation and boost heart health. As a result, Indian food is actually healthier than many people realise when it is cooked properly.

Here at Royal Nawaab, we pride ourselves on our authentic approach to Indian cuisine. After all, there is an abundance of choice when it comes to the dishes that our expertly trained and experience team craft from scratch. To find out more information about Indian cuisine, get in contact with the best restaurant in Manchester and speak to a member of the Royal Nawaab team today!