3 Top Tips for Buffet Etiquette

September 14, 2020

Everybody loves a good buffet! After all, the displays are aesthetically pleasing and the aroma of the food is enough to entice the taste buds of any hungry diner. Here at Royal Nawaab, we serve our infamous menu in a buffet style in order to allow our guests to experience everything that we have to offer. Read on as we explore 3 top tips that should always be followed in order to display admirable buffet etiquette…

Use the provided utensils

Every buffet will provide large serving spoons or tongs that diners can use in order to place food onto their plate, however, they aren’t always the simplest thing to use. With this said, it is vital not to give into the temptation to use your hands as this can spread germs and isn’t very sanitary. In addition to this, you should always put utensils back in the correct tray in order to prevent cross-contamination. This is particular important in restaurants that serve vegetarian and vegan options as well as dietary specific dishes for those with a gluten or lactose free diet.

Queue accordingly

The British are known for queueing, and this etiquette is also applied to buffet style restaurants. After all, it ensures that everybody gets the opportunity to browse the dishes that are on offer without having to weave in and out of other diners or risk a collision that results in a big mess on the floor. Simply take a clean plate from the end of the counter and follow the line until you see something that catches your eye. Of course, if the buffet is quiet then these rules can be bent slightly.

Don’t put food back onto the counter

It is important to make wise selections at a buffet because the food should never be replaced back after it has been picked up and put onto a plate. After all, this can create cross-contamination if it has come into contact with other dishes and, in general, isn’t the most sanitary way to go about things. The best thing to do if you have changed your mind about a particular choice is to pass it on to other people that you may be dining with as this will also reduce wastage.

A buffet style restaurant is no excuse to forgo etiquette which is why we believe that the entire experience deserves its own personal set of rules. To put our tips to the test, get in contact with the best restaurant London has to offer and speak to a member of the Royal Nawaab team!