Indian food with added pumpkin


With Halloween approaching the selling of pumpkins has also started to appear everywhere. Pumpkins are a great diverse food that is used for decoration, drinks and is even used in beauty products.

Pumpkins are also being used to put a vegetarian twist on traditional Indian food. Here are our three favourite pumpkin Indian foods.

Spiced Pumpkin Masala

This is our particular favourite pumpkin dish, with an added spice and tanginess to the dish this is a great recipe to use if your family enjoys the spicy edge of Indian food. Spiced Pumpkin Masala is a great vegetarian dish that is served as an entrée.

Pumpkin and red Lentils curry [Vegan]

Pumpkins are a neutral taste and works brilliantly in Indian curries, as they absorb the spices. To get the best result for this meal pie pumpkins are used as they are tender and sweeter than larger pumpkins.

White Pumpkin Sambar [Vegan]

Popular South Indian dish, Sambar is a delicious Indian vegetable stew, which is easy to adapt to suit people’s personal taste. It is common for people to use small white pumpkins in Sambar, and is served as a main.

Benefits of pumpkin

Pumpkins are a healthy addition to food, and are a great option to add to Indian dishes as it has several benefits to the body.

  • Great for eyes – as pumpkins are a rich source of vitamin A, 100g of boiled pumpkins meets up to 25.5% of the required carotenoids such as beta carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein and vitamin A. these compounds helps to prevent cataract and other age related macular degeneration and keeps your vision intact.
  • Hydration – Pumpkins are rich in fibre and has good water retention capacity, as pumpkins content is 90% water. -Making pumpkins a great way to keep hydrated and refreshed.
  • Lowers risk of heart disease – The fibre present in pumpkins helps to clear artery blockages and prevents heart disease, lowering consumption of carotenoids.
  • Weight loss – Pumpkins are low in calories with 100g only equalling to 26 calories. With the high fibre can help to make you feel full.


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