Indian foods that haven’t got Indian Origin


Indian food has become a nation’s favourite cuisine; however some of the most favourite and well known Indian dishes did not originate in India. Here are five popular dishes that did not have an India origin.


Samosas are a favourite starter and side dish for Indian dishes, however it did not origin in India. Originally called “sambosa” this treat made its way to India in the 13th and 14th century, from the Middle East.


This sweet crispy dessert that is enjoyed almost everyone in India, also origins from the Middle East, this treat is all thanks to Persian invaders. Originally named Zalabiya (Arabic) or Zalibiya (Persian), this sweet is often served at weddings. The thicker Jalebis often kept at room temperature are called “Imarti” and is preferred by South India.

Chicken Tikka Masala

One of the most enjoyed curries especially in North India, this curry dish was a result of creative improvisation by Chef Ali Ahmed in a Glasgow restaurant in 1971. It was believed that the dish was created after a guest complained their dish was too dry, it was then that Chef Ahmed added a blend of spices, cream and yoghurt.


Often a side dish with Indian curries served either hot or cold, it is easy to believe that this originated in India. However, it was brought over to India during the Mughal era from Persia and is now enjoyed in different variations.

Dal Bhatt

Mostly known as dal-chawal, this dish is often consumed when people have an upset stomach or want a light meal. With plenty of variations like khichdi In India, Dal Bhatt entered India through Nepal.

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