A Brief Guide To The Different Types Of Curry


Indian cuisine has rapidly taken the world by storm, and is now one of the UK’s most popular dishes. There’s nothing better than finishing work and rewarding yourself with a tasty curry, or relaxing on the weekend with a delicious combination of onion bhaji’s and vegetable samosas. Indian cuisine provides a deep, rich mixture of intense flavours that other types of food can only dream of, and it’s no wonder why it has proven so popular.

The wealth of options available to you in our Indian restaurant in Manchester is so vast, that you might find yourself struggling with a bit of indecisiveness. The different names, the variety of sauces, the range of meats and vegetables- it can all get a little overwhelming as you try to decide what will really satisfy your taste buds.

Well, fortunately we’re here at Nawaab to run you through some of the most popular types of curry out there- from mildest to hottest- so that you’ll know exactly what you want on your next visit.

–        Korma: This is the mildest curry that money can buy, and is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy some Indian cuisine but is wary of too much spiciness. Korma is made through a combination of spices, yoghurt and coconut cream- which all combine to make a mild, yet delicious, curry taste. If you don’t like hot food, then korma may be the curry for you.

–        Biryani: If a korma is a little too mild for your taste, then you might want to consider a biryani curry. Adding a little extra kick, biryani is a delicious mixed rice dish which can incorporate both meat and vegetables. This is the perfect choice of curry if you don’t want to draw attention to the fact you aren’t a fan of spicy foods.

–        Dopiaza: If you’re after something somewhere in the middle of the spicy spectrum, then a Dopiaza might be right for you. This type of curry makes extensive use of onions in order to create a taste that certainly packs a bit of a punch, but not so much to cause your eyes to water or have you grabbing for some water!

–        Jalfrezi: Next up is the delicious jalfrezi. Cooked with onions, tomatoes, green chillies and coriander, jalfrezi actually gets its name from the translation of “hot-fry”, which should give you an indication as to how spicy it is. The use of chillies certainly adds a bit of extra flavour to the curry, and jalfrezi will be right up your street if you want something a little hotter than average.

–        Madras: Not quite the hottest thing on the menu but certainly spicy enough to need a glass of water to go with it, the madras is for those wanting to eat something hot. Its greater use of spices and tomato puree cause a punchy, spicy flavour that certainly isn’t for those that don’t like things spicy.

–        Vindaloo: For the bravest of the brave, the vindaloo is the hottest curry that is ever likely to pass your lips. Through its combination of strong spices, black pepper and red chili, the vindaloo is a curry that certainly shouldn’t be trifled with. If you do opt for a vindaloo, you need to be fully aware of just how hot it is- you don’t want to order something you can’t even eat!

At Nawaab, we provide a wide range of dishes within our Indian restaurant in Manchester-including those listed above. Please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team for any further information about our menu or table availability.